Our green leather Oliveto is a combination of ancient tanning techniques and modern science. Oliveto is a 100% natural product; the hides are tanned with olive leaf extract. Which means: no chemicals! Oliveto is a strong leather in 2.4+ mm, even called the leather of the future; pure, fair and sustainable.

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Content                    European Bullhides

Origin                       Germany

Hide Size                  50–60 ft2 (4.6–5.6 m2)

Thickness                 2.4+  mm

Dye                          Aniline

Primary Uses          Upholstery, handrails, wall panels, architectural applications

Industry                    Contract, hospitality, residential

Custom                    Custom colors not available.

NOTE : Photagrafic leather scans are not color accurate.
Always request actual leather sample before ordering.

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