Royaline is a special type of aniline leather with a lightly shiny and beautifully soft surface. The aniline marks, the fine color gradations make Royaline a very natural type of leather. 

Royaline is a Aniline plus leather type, which contains a layer of protection on the surface. This protection makes Royaline a almost non-scratch aniline type of leather with the benefits of a pure aniline. In the course of time, Royaline will have a uni color and not patina as much as pure aniline leathers.

Content European bovine hides

Origin Central Europe 

Hide Size 50 – 60 ft2 (4.6–5.6 m2)

Thickness 1.0 – 1.2 mm

Type Aniline plus 

Custom Custom colors available >300m2

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